Sharnjit is a dedicated and hardworking member of the FAMASO team. Having joined FAMASO 4 years ago he has become an integral part of the company ensuring that FAMASO’s reputation continues to strive in such a competitive industry.

Sharnjit is a problem solver, and as the Accounts Manager for FAMASO, deals with the day to day operational management tasks in Victoria. Sharnjit works as the designated relationship manager within the internal team, enhancing the communication between the organisation’s management, supervisors and the team working on the ground.

Sharnjit treats every customer as an individual, identifying the key requirements of the job and ensures that customer satisfaction targets are not just met but exceed the expectations, going the extra mile on every occasion, no job is ever too big. Delivering such client focused tasks ensures ongoing relationships with every one of FAMASO’s valued customers.  

Sharnjit has a proficient background in IT, Graduating from the University of Canberra with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. His passion for ongoing education has assisted in the completion of a professional year from the Australian Computer Society (ACS) in 2019.

Outside of FAMASO, Sharnjit enjoys keeping up with Politics both international and domestic, current affairs and the impact on the daily lives of his friends and family. He has also taken a keen interest in Innovation and Space Research.

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