Rope Access is becoming one of the safest, most modern, and cost-effective solutions to working at height. Rope Access allows highly skilled technicians to reach restricted areas without the need for heavy plant or scaffolding.

FAMASO is renowned for delivering high quality, safe and cost-effective solutions. Our team is reliable, driven by passion and rooted in integrity, caring, and personal empowerment. We specialise in rope access solutions by employing various at height access approaches to perform maintenance, painting, inspection, cleaning and performance enhancement services that require specialised access methods.

FAMASO takes great pride in following the IRATA International Code of Practice, which is considered the highest International Standard. All our Technicians are IRATA Certified Level 1, 2 & 3 and are required to undergo re-training every three years. Our rope access equipment is regularly inspected to ensure safety and compliance. Our teams can provide a prompt, safe and discreet means of carrying out all types of work at height or in difficult to access spaces.

Because rope access is such a quick, safe and efficient way of working, our IRATA trained technicians are often called upon to carry out emergency repairs at height. So, if you need a reactive response, regardless of your location, our rope access experts will be on site before your issue can escalate. No longer are scaffolding or cradle systems the only solution available to carrying out safe work at height on all types of structures.

Our FAMASO team are used to navigating hard to reach areas, which means we can make robust risk assessments and begin our work, in the time that more traditional access teams would still be gathering the equipment they need to come and see you. Addressing your issue promptly and with utmost consideration for safety and budget, is our priority.

FAMASO have a continuously evolving regime of work procedures that are implemented, and which are monitored for compliance, to ensure that a safe system of work is always established and maintained. 

“My dealing with you and your team  has been  very positive as  have completed a number of High clean projects  from overnight works  to  six weeks project at some Victoria Major shopping  centre. I  support you  in your endeavor and I will not hesitate to recommend  your partnership  or association to any potential clients.”

NJ (Biz Mgr – Cleaning Company)


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Head Office: Level 1, 92 Railway Street South, Altona VIC 3018

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