FAMASO is the Industrial leader in revolutionary water-fed cleaning system.

FAMASO have developed Vehicles, Racking Systems & Equipment which not only is less costly with great results, but also it doesn’t leave the chemical footprint in the earth’s ecosystem.

Revolutionary Water-fed system uses the de-ionised water (water without Anions, Cations, hard metals etc. just simple Water H20) which absorb the dust & dirt particle on contact and leaves no streak marks on the glass or façade after it dried out enabling a better, cost effective & safer cleaner. Water-fed system is quicker than the conventional window cleaning and can save up to 40% on window cleaning cost. Water-fed system removes the need to work at heights, ladders & hire of access equipment. Water fed uses distilled water to clean the glasses. The pure water pumped through carbon telescopic poles.

The carbon fibre poles can reach up to height of 65 ft from the safety of the ground. Water-fed system doesn’t use the harmful chemicals or detergent to clean the glass windows, which in result makes it environmentally friendly.

FAMASO doesn’t just clean the glasses, but also remove the dust from the frames and remove any nearby cobwebs, enhancing the appearance of whole building. Another perk of this system is that all three removal of cobwebs, frame cleaning & glass cleaning tasks can be done in one operation by one operator from the safety of ground.

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Phone: 1300 801 801
Email: admin@famaso.com.au

Head Office: Level 1, 92 Railway Street South, Altona VIC 3018

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