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FAMASO are the Industry leaders in High Dusting. We have provided High Dusting services to Airports, Shopping Centres, Markets, Manufacturing, Industrial Warehouses & the landmark of Melbourne (Southern cross station & Federation square).

Facility managers and regulatory agencies have recently increased their focus on indoor air quality in workplaces. We assess your needs and create custom cleaning solutions that ensures your requirements are met with highest quality of result. We are flexible with scheduling and services to accommodate your needs.

Open ceiling, hanging features & modern architecture are popular among architects and are also appealing to the eyes of spectators, but as the day passes the Dust start to accumulate in the corners, over ledges and in the cranny and this beautiful view becomes eyesore.

Dust doesn’t affect visuals only, dust around air-conditioning vents also a big health hazard. If the vents are blocked, air does not circulate correctly, resulting in over heated, humid environment which can affect the productivity of the employees & mood of your customers.


Phone: 1300 801 801
Email: admin@famaso.com.au

Head Office: Level 1, 92 Railway Street South, Altona VIC 3018

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