Dipan has worked for FAMASO since 2015 as the Account Manager for NSW and has been a key part of establishing FAMASO in NSW as the leading facility solutions company. How has FAMASO stayed so prevalent in NSW? Well this is down to Dipan’s incredible reputation with internal and external stakeholders, no challenge is too hard with the customer being at the forefront of his all his decisions.

Dipan is responsible for leading, training, and development of FAMASO staff ensuring that all high cleaning and floor periodical tasks and contracts are completed by the team to the highest possible standard. Although NSW is a relatively new market for FAMASO, Dipan has developed a sense of loyalty with all NSW customers that is second to none. He is renowned for his customer focused performance, working to provide the highest level of service for FAMASO and ensures he sets the example for his colleagues, who will always strive to meet the same standard.  

Dipan began his career by studying civil engineering in Sydney. During his study, Dipan worked in the cleaning industry to gain industry experience, obtaining and developing on the job skills which has allowed him to further advance his career. Dipan started working on the ground in 2008 and is now an integral part of high-level management decisions within FAMASO.

Outside of the office, Dipan enjoys spending time with his beloved family and friends. Family gatherings are a regular occasion and Dipan takes on the role of organiser ensuring that everyone enjoys every single second.

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