Claudio is the Account Manager and specialist for FAMASO’s periodical contracts. Claudio has an eye for detail and has developed a range of systems for FAMASO which have been integrated in the daily operations to ensure that the company can flourish in this competitive climate. These systems make the scheduling and organisation of tasks for the organisation far more streamlined for both the customer as well as the team at FAMASO.

Claudio has accumulated over 25 years’ worth of expertise in the Floor Care Industry, he started in the business at the age of 18 and continues to identify improvements, implement innovative change, and deploy enhancements that continue to grow this exciting company within the industry.  

Previously working for Swan Hill, Claudio was responsible for cleaning contracts at some of Australia’s largest commercial supermarkets, shopping centres, and commercial buildings. However, his experience doesn’t end there; he has also managed large government educational contracts which include the provision of cleaning services to schools throughout Victoria.

Claudio is a key member of the team for managing contracts, but it doesn’t stop there. Throughout his career Claudio has gained management, leadership, operational and supervisory experience which has enabled him to have a 360-degree perspective on all aspects of the industry.

Claudio is an integral member of FAMASO but when he’s not working it’s all about family and friends. He is a passionate sports fan with soccer being a lifelong favourite. Music also plays a huge role in Claudio’s personal life.

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