Bryn Jones offers a history of success within FAMASO spearheading all facets of operations and customer service. Having worked for the organisation since its conception in 2013, Bryn has developed this organisation from a simple idea through to a thriving enterprise. FAMASO’s success is recognised throughout VIC, NSW and QLD thanks to Bryn’s renowned expertise and ongoing engagement with new and existing stakeholders. 


Bryn infuses his forward-thinking vision into every project. His ability to develop and deliver innovative strategies ensures the success and recognition of FAMASO within the industry.

By applying strong leadership Bryn has developed, mentored, and encouraged talented employees to take on key management positions. Bryn knows the value of investing in his dedicated team and the positive impact this will have on their brand.


Bryn has developed the company framework, policies and procedures. This has enabled the operations team to focus on the customer and deliver the highest standard of service. Bryn has always been committed to providing the highest quality standard and continues to set the example to his team to achieve these results.


He has designed and fabricated work equipment that enhances company efficiency. He has developed multipurpose and multifunctional vehicles that have been custom built from the beginning to enable the company to be flexible and diverse. Bryn has travelled around the world in search of suppliers for the needs of the company. 


Bryn has also developed internal induction processes which assist the company in fast-tracking the development of staff, performing their duties to exemplary standards. These are proven through the fantastic feedback that consumers have provided and continues to grow the organisation through their impeccable reputation.


Bryn has an extensive skill set which has seen him work in Wales and Australia, his main focuses have been on the agricultural, landscaping and hospitality industries. Bryn’s previous experience and wealth of knowledge in leadership positions means that he will continue to push FAMASO to be one of the industry leaders.


Bryn is not only dedicated to FAMASO, he is a dedicated father, partner and friend. Bryn has a passion for live music, sporting events, even if he is torn between supporting Wales or Australia - but who can blame him! Bryn loves to explore Victoria with his family and is excited to introduce his son to the place he now calls home.   

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